Life is an exceptional teacher,

if we learn to listen and listen to learn...


Dare to live the life you've always wanted; I've decided to accept the challenge and try to impart that same mindset upon others I come in contact with. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where I've seen a lot and experienced a lot. While in my youth and still to this day, what I've learned is that everyone has an interesting story to tell, but, there are not too many people willing to listen. With that being said, I make it a point to interact with and learn from as many people as possible, and explore as many places as possible. This blog provides an outlet for my family to express ourselves, share our experiences, while also learning and continuing to grow from the wisdom, knowledge and life experiences of others. Step on this journey with us. 


Hi! I'm Whitney, a Florida native, who LOVES to travel and experience new cultures. When I met my husband I had only traveled to one country. Once together, we've made it a priority to explore the world and see what it has to offer. Fast forward 5 years later and we've been blessed to have traveled to 23 countries and still counting. Our travels have become ingrained within our DNA and has become apart of our identity and passion. In 2016, we had a beautiful baby boy and Immediately wanted to share those experiences and adventures with him. I can truly say without a doubt, traveling and the experiences of traveling has opened my eyes and taught me life lessons that have instilled a strong sense of humility, and helped improve all aspects of my life. My intention for this blog is to inspire families, couples, and individuals that would love to travel but may think they do not have the time or money to follow their dreams. 

Hi, I'm Caleb or you can call me Tank. I was born in Macon, Georgia, but remain a die hard University of Central Florida Knights fan. I enjoy milk, apple sauce, cookies, and long walks on the beach while I catch up on current events. When I travel with my parents, I may not know where I'm at, but I enjoy being with them and experiencing new cultures.